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MATCONF - the interface between Engineering, Technical Documentation & Material Disposition

With MATCONF you can handle your military catalog and your structural and material data economically.

MATCONF supports the ASD (AECMA) specification issues 2.1 revisions 2 to 4, 3.0 revision 1 and 4.0 as well as S2000M issue 6.1.

MATCONF ist equally suitable for outputting an illustraded parts catalog, an interactive electronic document and initial provisional lists as used for the creation of messages in accordance to the ASD specification or ASD 1000D data modules (info code 941).

In MATCONF the data element settings for existing weapon systems are made in accordance with the Contract and/or Guidance Documents. Additionally data quality checks are performed.

MATCONF ensures the complete data exchange with the clients:

  • CSNIPD (Draft, Formal, Master)
  • Modification service (CAN)
  • Illustrated parts catalog (BTK)
  • Replacement origin list (ETU)

Interactive parts catalog

Index tab “catalog” shows an interactive catalog. By clicking on the hotspots in the graphics or text lines MATCONF highlights the links. Additionally the linked records (via RTX, CTL and MFM) are displayed and can be clicked in field “description”.